Have you ever dreamed of swimming in the Silver Lake Reservoir?

Walking or running along the fence, you can't help but think...what if we could jump in?

What if chain link and concrete were replaced by a sandy beach and swim lanes?

The entire Silver Lake Reservoir, including Silver Lake's northern, smaller reservoir (the Ivanhoe Reservoir) must be taken offline and removed from the public water supply because of new water quality regulations by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  LA DWP is proposing to  tunnel underneath the reservoir and place new pipes for the drinking water currently stored in the reservoir.

Since the reservoir will be dismantled and disrupted, why not take this opportunity to improve our community and expand the ways we can use the reservoir?  We can not only walk and run around a beautiful body of water, but transform it into a functional space for community recreation.  We can create a new public gathering place to bring our LA communities together to support fun and fitness.

The image above is one concept of what a revitalized reservoir could look like - "The Silver Lake Plunge."

Join Swim Silver Lake and be part of the transformation of our neighborhood and of Los Angeles.


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