Who is supporting Swim Silver Lake?

Swim Silver Lake is a coalition of neighborhood residents, business owners, friends and Angelenos who all dream of swimming in the Silver Lake Reservoir!  It was launched by Catherine Geanuracos, a Silver Lake resident and homeowner.  Members of our organizing committee include:

  • Claudia Borzutzky Lopez, M.D.
  • Joy Ivy
  • Roel Hinojosa
  • Adam Englander
  • Janine Jordan
  • Scott Hamilton Kennedy
  • Ann Le
  • Carrie Norton
  • Juliett Rose Olivarez
  • Amanda Sigafoos
  • Eric Spiegelman
  • Alissa Walker
  • Charles Herman Wurmfeld

We're not affiliated with the Silver Lake Reservoirs Conservancy, but are deeply appreciative and supportive of the work they've done so far to prompt engagement and innovation at this critical time for the future of the reservoirs. Additionally, we love the work of Silver Lake Forward, an organization which was instrumental in getting the Master Plan to happen!

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